Services for
Law Enforcement Agencies
and Defense Forces

Proactively protecting and defending against adversaries


CyberX9's highly specialized and experienced team provides uncompromised and high quality, customized cyber security solutions and services for, Law Enforcement Agencies and Defense Forces.

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Other Services

Web Application Penetration Testing

Our highly specialized team will help you find security vulnerabilities in your website before the malicious attackers do.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Whether you've an iOS or Android mobile application, our  team will help you do a uncover any vulnerabilities in them.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Runs your applications or database on a cloud server like AWS or GCP? With us uncover vulnerabilities in your cloud infrastructure .

External Penetration Testing

We simulate external attackers trying to exploit your Internet-facing networks/applications to help you identify vulnerabilities that leave you exposed.

Red Teaming

Our Red Teaming service not just helps you discover active vulnerabilities, but also reveal possible business risks based on attacker capabilities.

Bug Bounty Program Service

Helping you start and manage a bug bounty program as a cost-effective way for continuous security testing of your applications.

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Services for Law Enforcement and Defense Forces

We offer a range of customized cyber security services and solutions for law enforcement and defense forces.

Continuous Attack Surface Monitoring

Modern Protection for Modern Attack Surface

What our clients say about us

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Fortune 500, Transportation company

“People at CyberX9 are truly upstanding and behind their services and quality of work 100%. Absolutely stands on our high expectations. ”

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Fortune 500, Business Services company

“Great work and great explanation of vulnerabilities they discovered.”

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Fortune 500social media company

“CyberX9 helped us in discovering a massive user data expose vulnerability which could've been fatal if discovered by threat actors. Amazing work!”

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A Law Enforcement Agency, India

“Helped us immensely in solving multiple cases with their specialized services in forensics and cyber intelligence.”

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